Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sawat-dee kaa!

I am totally learning Thai. That means hello.

Sabai dee mai? That means How are you?

So ready for our trip, y'all.

I am in Boston now, about to head out to the airport bound for Philly, but wanted to share with you all that it is never acceptable to comment to a woman: "You look tired. Did you sleep last night?"

No, it is never acceptable.


In other news, my new pseudo-niece's name is actually Ryley Judith. I learned that when father of said pseudo-niece looked at me like I was MAD when I called his new baby Ryley Olivia. But she is just the sweetest, tiniest thing. Well done, Lauren!

Finally, tomorrow is my birthday. I'm legal! Seven times over.

Let's not speak of it, okay?


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Anonymous said...

You know, some random person once said to me: "Ohhh, you look awful, are you sick?" this was at 7:00am on my way to work, then i found a $20 on the sidewalk, so it all worked out. -Allie