Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little Boy.

Some more shots from our Colorado trip...

Who is this little boy? What has he done with my baby? And why is he giving me the stink-eye?

Just two dudes, being adorable. Born a mere 80 years apart.

His pensive mountain look.

Playground on Cheyenne Mountain. Shots taken before a very spirited two-year old knocked him in the head with a bucket. Boy's mama proceeded to put the bucket in time-out. Because it totally was the inanimate object's fault.

Now, let's smile for the camera, Hank:

Fourteen month-old boys are truly the bee's knees.


In This Style said...

Super cute. His face is beginning to look very mature! Lots of personality showing through. : )

Anonymous said...

That firt picture is hysterical! Look out Mama! Can't wait to see you, counting the days. Love, Gina

Allie said...

i love him and i want to squeeze him. tell him to get ready.

dont you love how grandparents light up when they see the babies!!?? it is such a good feeling and wonderful to see!