Friday, July 15, 2011

Headed West.

Last night's orientation went well, especially when the instructor told us to please eat the refreshments located at the front of the lecture hall, and I dropped a slippery two-liter bottle of soda on the floor. Luckily, the bottle was closed, so I merely laughed and said sheepishly, "Nobody open that."


Today I am busy packing for our jaunt to Colorado tomorrow. Hank and I are off on another adventure together, and though I am dreading the flight (he's lap-riding, and he's very squirmy), I am packing 783 books, DVDs, and one new toy to keep him occupied for the two-hour duration. I'm hoping he sleeps (trying to delay his morning nap for the ride); but whatever happens, rest assured: I'll be drinking. Bring on the Bloody Marys, Flight Attendant.

I'm thrilled to be taking Hendrik to Colorado to visit his great-grandparents, who moved to the Mountain State 21 years ago. Twenty years ago, in the summer of 1991, my brother Mike and I journeyed there alone for our inaugural visit. How fast those last TWO decades flew! I've been lucky enough to travel to Colorado Springs about ten or so times over that long period. I've been to the summit of Pike's Peak many, many times.

I can't wait to take Snooze there. I can't wait to make another beautiful memory together.


Koos said...

Wow, orientation already!?! Glad it went well, even if you did drop the soda.
Have a great trip!

Allie said...

1991 was 20 years ago!! Wow. talk about feeling OLD.

Have a great trip, cant wait to see you guys!!!!!

Smooth, AC, real smooth.

Jesse said...

Let's recognize, friend . . . WV is the Mountain State. WV does not, however, have north pole rides with toddler honeys and cancer-free swedish grandma buffet -- at least not where I'm from. Sounds like a great trip.

Homevalley said...

Jesse! I totally almost googled that too, but then I thought, eh, it probably is the Mountain State. Let us all give credit to West Virginia. I shall print a retraction. Also: miss you.

Al - OLD. See: we are.