Friday, July 31, 2009

Facebook Status Updates, sukkkkkassss.

TGIF, eh guys? Today, your Blogmistress is absolutely horrified by Facebook Status updates.

I need you to read these. I also need to tell you, I am related to the person who composes these.

(I really am not sure how... I... no words. Just read. If we are like-minded, you may just throw in the towel and quit the Internet.)

Finally... I am truly sorry for what I am about to unleash on you.

Here goes:

young money wher ya at in this bitch...we swanging n banging like a bat in this bitch... weeezyyyyy concert sukkkkkassss

weeeeezzzyyyy 2morow!!!!!!

one more day more day... the motha fuken carter,,bitches on mi stick but mi name aint harry potterr................

i love it wen she say.....its cool i got it.. i got it... i gott it..

the shoes i wear u dont own a pair....weezy f baby 2 days bitchesssssss

wats in mi wallet dawg..big faced hundrreds..went to the mall bought errything that i wannteddd....suckas

lookin at new wips...anyone tryna buy a dodge dakota..

im so twisted i walk in swirls

july 31 weezy weee cant wait suckaaassss

im in the cut wit them ozzziiesss

oh kimosabe, big ballin is my hobby

i dont need security i need fan patrol

And the piece de resistance:

if u a bad bitch then im at chu like a pound of cake n a fat doode


So then there are people who respond to this garble... with something akin to:

lol ur so gay

Seriously? All of my senses are assaulted.

And who the fuck is weezy??

Oh my God, please comment. Lord have mercy, give me something to live for.


Anonymous said...

u dont no what weezzzzeee is, g, word it b the thang on the sreet, dawg. i got this i got this - lil wayne, yo, that who weeze b. we all getin smoked up n goin 2nite i pick up yo stupid azzz up at 8 g. in the dakota, yo

- A-totheizzie-llie

(I really should get back on FB, for these updates alone.)

Homevalley said...

HOW DO YOU KNOW this Lil Wayne character? Oh, excuse me...

suuuuuuuuuucccckkkkkkkaaaa you no lil wayne? 4 relz? yo mi frens r off da chainnnnnnnnn bitchessssssss