Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Melodrama, Thy Name is HomeValley

So I suppose I am technically out of hiding (I am traveling tonight, in Columbia, MD); though I dare say I am sorely tempted to retreat back to a place where it's just me, J, and that gorgeous DVR (Bless you, America's Next Top Model).

"I read your blog today... Funny. Bit melodramatic," sayeth J.

"Well, yes, I am melodramatic in my writing, for effect," I respond.

"No, I was talking about in life."


So forgive me for this nugget: Am naive. Dreadfully naive. WEDDING! Please: you have won. I concede! Please. *Whimpers softly.* Just... just let us book the travel. At a decent price. I will give you whatever you want, you maniacal, overblown, social event overlord.


In other news, totally stressful eye exam yesterday. Uttered, "Are you SURE I am not going blind, for JC's sake??" numerous times. My prescription has doubled. DOUBLED! And it is all my fault, as in high school I used to wear "fake" glasses around for the look, like some sort of incredibly toolish tool. And lo! My actual glasses will now be as thick as a certain travel agent who shall remain nameless but whom is ruining. My. Life.

Wait - what?

It's all out of my system now. Ordered room service. Am calm. Serene. Have just gone to my happy place:

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