Wednesday, September 19, 2007

God Hates Indonesia.

Just checking in to say a quick "hello" before leaving Cherry Hill to have dinner with the J Family. I have so much to say; but alas, so little time. Coming soon:
  • We had a "family" engagement party two weekends ago. You should hear about it.
  • My hair. Super blonde. Technically, I've gone back to my natural color. From when I was 4. You should see pictures of it.
  • Hmm... My fall reading? You should hear my thoughts on this book. Because it is my blog, and I reserve the right to go political on your asses.
  • Vera Wang for Kohl's. (Why thank you, Ms. Wang, for the overpriced, bedazzled potato sacks you have unleashed upon the po' masses.)

Until tomorrow, my friends.


Anonymous said...

Ha HA! yea, i guess if you are poor you deserve to dress ugly. Is she serious w/ the jaquard bubble skirt? -A

Anonymous said...

Hollywood loves Indonesia, God hates Hollywood. Hit 'em where they vacay.

Odd sense of humor that God.

Homevalley said...

People read my titles! I should elaborate - between tsunamis, earthquakes, terror attacks, plane crashes, and mudslides - our Indonesian friends can't catch a break.

Al - also, only purple, black, and gray?? Vera, we're poor; not tasteless.

Anonymous said...

we need to be Bitten again:) - A

Homevalley said...

I went to get bitten at a NJ store on Wednesday. They had nothing good. It is time for our seasonal Franklin Mills pilgrimmage!