Tuesday, September 04, 2007

In Hiding

I am officially in hiding.

It started on Sunday, when a seemingly innocuous family picnic became too overwhelming for me. Sans J, I weathered some wedding-related dramatics alone. Once, I had to say firmly, "I am not getting involved." And then I commented to my mother that I was sorry that my wedding was causing so much strife, but she dismissed that and said, "Oh please! Don't be." And then I sighed tiredly and shrugged. And ate another hot dog, and some potato salad. And then I escaped to my wonderful, quiet home, where I drank wine and watched many episodes of How I Met Your Mother on DVD before falling asleep at ten o'clock.

I need time to think. Am diving into work. I've also got an eye exam today at 2:30 and Pilates at 5:45. I answer the phone for no one but J. And my mom. And that is all. Because, dudes: I can't deal right now. My senses were overloaded this weekend and Shut. Down. I spent last night making J hug me a lot during many episodes of Cops.

Cops is a great show. But still.

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