Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Chris Noth, Where Are You?

It's raining in New York, the N train is a big old mess, the AC is out, and Ultimate Roach just dropped by my dainty little cube in Chelsea. Nonetheless, I am still in an awfully good mood as the weekend was long and lovely. We took in a few singer/songwriter shows in Manhattan - hi Joe Purdy (! Apparently, buy Joe and bandmembers a drink and they will hang with you for hours. Fabulous time chatting with you, men! Also traveled through nefarious traffic enroute to Providence, Rhode Island, to finally use that Marriott gift certificate. Plus, exercised on three separate occasions - on a holiday weekend, no less.

I watched more episodes of What Not to Wear than I care to admit; however, thoroughly inspired by Stacy and Clinton, J and I managed to clean out three entire closests. I feel positively lighter today, as J lovingly combated my packrat tendencies with his refreshing practicality. The items I was on the fence about were subject to his yea or nay vote. Some choice comments:
  • Regarding my once-beloved, now Wet Seal reject fiery red shirt purchased in Malibu five years ago: "That's great - if you're 12."
  • A red, polka-dot sweater that is actually my roommate's (and was safely returned to your closet.,Vanessa): "Okay - if you are Strawberry Shortcake."
  • The stretchy gray dress (circa 1998) I fell in love with in Florence: "That's a dress? Does it even cover your stomach?" (I kept this one, but alas, he is right. How much weight have I gained since high school ended?)

The old metallic shoulder bags; the thick, rubber-soled shoes - nothing was safe. In the end, I feel good about it. At 26, I really have no business shopping at Forever 21 .

If there was one thing wrong with this weekend, however, it was once again the utter lack of a Chris Noth sighting. I have spent many martini-laden nights at your bar, Mr. Big ( - where are you?


King of Pop said...

If you had come with me, you not only would have seen him, you could have met him. Alas, that time is done.

Homevalley said...

Have you spoken to him?? Is it true he gets angry when referred to as "Mr. Big?" Are all Carrie Bradshaw references out of the question?