Monday, November 12, 2012

The Mom Stays in the Picture.

We got family photos done last Saturday.  Here is a sneak peek:

Have you read this?  I think about this ALL THE TIME.  I think the title of the article has become my new mantra.  I find myself repeating it in my head any time I feel uncomfortable with my body.

The mom stays in the picture.

And looking through the shots of our family - at this point in time - well, we are genuinely happy, numbers on a scale be damned.  I look at my face and I don't see extra baby weight.

I see JOY.  Pure joy. 

Why would I ever not allow a camera to capture that?



In This Style said...

You look BEAUTIFUL and so does your cute baby! Beautiful family.

Sarah Kurpel said...

you both looks awesome :-D

Isrut said...

Two beautiful girls - love the mantra

Allie said...

I look like a gremlin in every picture i take so i do the same thing, i avoid being in picutres. looking through her photos from when she was little - i am not in ONE of them!! its sad and i really need to change that. maybe i should invest in photoshop?

Homevalley said...

You all are too kind!

AND oh my God, Al, get in that photo. I know it's hard. But do it for your daughter, so one, that she has a healthy body image; and two, so that she can look back and see the happiness on your face just to be around her. These babies will not care what we look like, just that we were there.

I need to write more about this, but my beloved grandma was extremely self-conscious and hated photos. Now she is gone and I have two photos with her. Two. It breaks my heart.