Monday, September 27, 2010

Snoozer Takes Manhattan!

New York!

Shit, NYC is DIFFICULT with a baby.

But we had a lovely time, thank you.

The Snooze humors his mama for a brief face pic at Taco Taco on the East Side.

Damn! This city is loud. But I will do my best to be heard over the din, y'all.

We took Hendrik to the park where we got engaged.

M. Gell-Mann. Please forgive the typo, M.

The exact scene of the crime. (I was ridiculously excited, btw.)

Koos's store on Madison Avenue. (Shout out!)

My boys.




Babymommablog said...

Ahhh...NYC is great!! So cute you took him to where you guys got engaged and just going back to remember yourselves. Special spot :)

Mama Lisha said...

First, thanks for visiting me on my FB Day at SITS!
Hope it was a great time in Manhattan... I went to Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia for a year... way back when... a place on Cheltenham Ave had the best Hoagies, I think it was called Lees Hoagies?!