Wednesday, January 20, 2010

22 Weeks, and Coakley Wins! Oh, Wait.

Good morning, world! Melissa P. HomeValley Ft. Lauderdale here, coming to you live from Peabody, MA. Apparently there was some election here yesterday, and now all of the conservatives are gloating and sticking it to us liberals. Take that Obama! Though I haven't fact-checked this yet, last night a coworker told me that Massachusetts is 12% registered Republicans... So, yeah. Take that, "Obamacare." You would think that the idea of affordable healthcare for all would not be such a visceral, polarizing issue, but this is America. You'd be wrong.

Shit, I've gone all political again. Please do follow, Republicans! I still love you. Wanna talk about Sicko?

Of course I am pressed for time, and I am the owner of a Dell laptop that cannot be disconnected from a power cable, lest the battery dies IMMEDIATELY. I am also likely coming down with a bit of a cold, but I shan't speak of it again as I refuse to let it in... healthy thoughts. What am I rambling about this AM? Don't you wanna hear about my awesome healthy baby?

I finally bit the damn bullet and got the genetic bloodwork done two weeks ago. Last Friday I got the call that everything was normal. NORMAL! I danced in the kitchen. Healthy! What more can we ask for? (please don't be 10 pounds please don't be 10 pounds please don't be 10 pounds)

I pray that I am able to write a proper update later, but I'll be heading up to Manchester, NH to hop a flight to LaGuardia (home sweet Queens, y'all).

You all look so pretty today, by the way.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget...Massachusetts already has an organized state health care system...they don't need or want Obamacare. Regardless of what good old Teddy stood for nationally, he could not have moved on at a better time for that state...or the country, depending on your views.

Homevalley said...

True, Anon... And I can never ascertain the success of the system there when I visit.

I don't know the right answer, but it occurs to me that conservatives are extremely, absolutely against universal care. Can we all agree that we need to put partisanship aside and just come up with a solution already? It can't be leave well enough alone.

Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily think that ALL conservatives are against it, I think the media wants you to think that...ultimately I think the country in general is against debt and mindless spending. We all need to come together and eliminate the vast majority of our government. We spend so much money on bureaucracy and redundancy that it makes me want to cry. We will never get out of debt and regain control of our country unless we curb our government's approach to controlling everything and spending tax dollars to do it.
Politicians of all sides are starting to realize that the status quo is not good enough and if you don't show results, you're out of a job. At least that is a small sign of progress. Read the 5000 Year Leap, it'll blow your mind. Our forefathers had it right and we screwed it we've got to get it back under our control.