Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's Official: I Am Not Pregnant.

I realize I have been a bit cryptic lately, but allow me to assure you: this new "project" I am working on? It's not HomeValley II. It was never even remotely HomeValley II. But I certainly appreciate the influx of emails and comments and inquiries I received about the picture of J and me* (read: 3).

(And when I am pregnant in two to three years, you guys will be the first to know. Maybe even before J. Seriously - wouldn't it be hilarious to snap a picture of myself in, I don't know, a tee-shirt that read "MILF" or something, and then post it here and send the link to J at work? I imagine the post would be entitled: "Get 'er Done!")


I know Grace's fears were assuaged last night at happy hour in Center City, when I slammed a dirty martini (although, that was mostly just olive juice, wasn't it? Conspiracy???)

But probably not, as I went sentimental like Koos last night when I announced to Grace and Marie** that the first day of high school, as we were introducing ourselves in class after class, I had decided that I would most definitely become friends with Grace and Marie**. And lo! Thirteen years later, we are sharing drinks at Oceannaire. Foresight is a beautiful thing.

* Actually, just a photo of J and me at Hotel Keti in Santorini, Greece. That will make sense soon. Mwah ha ha!
** Name has been changed to protect the innocent.

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