Monday, September 11, 2006

The One Where I Stop Talking About it Already.

Today I feel grateful.

It's the 5th anniversary, and I feel positively grateful. Five years ago, at this very moment, I felt as if the world had ended. It didn't. Although I've been somewhat diligently focusing on work this morning and afternoon, I have also frequently been thinking about what I was doing at this exact moment in 2001...

7:30 AM - Getting ready for work. Putting on brown polyester pants, red top, and chunky brown boots. Shudder.

7:50 AM -Leaving William Street apartment and walking three long blocks to World Financial Center.

7:59 AM - Musing silently about beautiful day. Walking through North Tower.

8:05 AM - Likely late my first day back. Grabbing coffee and settling into cubicle.

8:10 AM - Browsing Internet.

8:30 AM - Internet.

8:46 AM - Thunder?

And so forth... As I ate lunch today at noon I remembered sitting in the back of a stranger's pick-up truck, heading uptown on the FDR.

It is a day that is so personal and so public. As Aaron Brown said on the day as he watched the Towers crumble: There are no words.

I hope this post finds everyone hopeful, and well.

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