Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hello, Lovers!

I ask you to bear with me as the HomeValleyians soldier on to Big D. We've got so much on our plates right now, what with living in different states and all. Oh, I didn't tell you that? I haven't been updating this blog regularly?

Stop looking at me like that. I know I am a sorry excuse for a blogger.

J moved to Texas on January 25th. For those playing along at home, this means we have been living apart for roughly a month, sans the ten-day sojourn Hendrik and I just took to the Lone Star state.

It's been... challenging? Enlightening? Heart-breaking? Empowering? Lonely? Chaotic? Exhausting?

Yes, on all counts.

So bear with me. I want to tell you all the dirty details of the move, but I've got an uber-demanding nine-month old who is TEETHING in the worst way. Teeth are bitches. They keep babies up moaning all night, and temporarily single mamas are kept awake growling and trying to remember why they love this little person, because for the love of Lionel Hank STOP SCREAMING.

I am also in dire need of a blog reno, but I fear the house reno will have to take precedence.

To sum up thus far:

J = Texas, houses, 100 hours of work per week


HV = puffy eyes, IVs of caffeine, Skype with J, moving companies, budgets, Trulia, planes (so small we might as well be in the fucking cargo bin), HGTV

Manayunk House = SOLD

Dallas House = Under contract, pray God

Sidewalk in Front of Current Home = Torn up by gas company's jackhammer

Gas Company = ASSHOLES

And yet?

Life = Very, very Good


Koos said...

I HATE teething! And more than teething I hate those cheery people who come up to you when you've slept for a total of 17 minutes in 3 nights and they say, "I hear teething can be bad, my kids never had any trouble with it". There is a special place on my list of people I want to shake really hard for those people.

KB said...

Teething is a bitch (I recommend Motrin every night until sometime next year. Seriously.) Dallas summers are also a bitch. However, the cost of living here is uber cheap in comparison to anything on the East coast so long as you don't mind Rush Limbaugh on the radio 24/7 (I wish I were kidding).

Welcome to Texas! We're glad you're here.

Homevalley said...

Thanks, KB! Rush aside, loving the Southern hospitality thus far.

Teeth are bullshit.