Friday, November 05, 2010


Party people!

Here I am. It's been like a month. I don't know why. I am just settling into my new life, and pondering the existential ques-

And... my kid is up. This isn't me being cute. Hendrik refuses to nap at home, in his crib. He crazy. He wakes up the moment he's placed gingerly in his crib AND WAILS. The moment you pick him up to comfort him, he smiles at you, puts his hands on your cheeks, and attaches his mouth to your face like a mollusk, whilst cooing. It is wildly adorable, the cheeky bastard.

We're working on this.

And because I can't stomach the one-hand type, I bid you adieu for the moment. I leave you with this.

Aaaaannndddd... boom goes the dynamite.


Isrut said...

My brother used to do the mullosk thing when he was little.

We called it baby attack.

welcome back!

Koos said...

I love his hat! Danny has a jacket that looks like that, so together they are Big Poppa.
I hope you start getting good sleep again soon.

SarahK said...

AHHHH! Baby attack- I love. Maksi is a lip pulling maniac. Grasps for pieces of flesh and PULLS.


I've been thinking about putting up a blog post for days. I'll get to it yet.