Friday, November 07, 2008

A Life With Purpose

This morning, as is typical when I work from my home office, I stumbled down the stairs incoherently and immediately turned on the television. I scrolled the DVR menu until I found what I was looking for: yesterday's Oprah.

Ah, O. Just what I need to start my day, to live my best life.

Yesterday's guest was one Mr. Will Smith, who is so lovable I just want to squeeze him. He spoke about how he had just turned 40, and that now, he does not want to do anything in his life without purpose.

Right! I said aloud to my television screen. I want to live my life that way too, Mr. Smith! I thought. And then I made a mental list of all the things I wanted to accomplish today, including: mailing our marriage license to the translator (ah, destination weddings), going to the gym, eating perfectly healthy, applying for a new job, writing a blog post, sending my resume to an old colleague who has a TV producer position available for me in New York (it's such a stretch, I just can't not send my CV on a wing and a prayer), etc.

I came upstairs shortly thereafter for a conference call. I booted up my computer and clicked on Internet Explorer.

When suddenly, I realized it.


Facebook is the enemy of all productivity. It is the devil's minion. It must be stopped!

I had been fervently rooting through Facebook pages for 30 minutes, when I froze with this devastating realization.

Holy crap on a cracker - I am addicted to Facebook. I have a problem.

And now I need to make it right. But how? How does one restrict utilization? How do I go about my daily life not knowing what you all are doing at this precise moment? Without seeing your pictures from the weddings and Halloween parties you have recently attended? Without your clever wall posts? How?!?

*Deep breath*

So, I am officially exiting Facebook for the remainder of this Friday. Baby steps. I don't want to overwhelm myself, or my constant craving for information about all of my FB friends.

Melissa P. HomeValley... what are you doing right now?

Over and out.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Brilliant! i am totally with you~ I also had the great pleasure of watching Mr. Smith on O yesterday. inspiring, to say the least! He makes me want to do better! i love him!

And Facebook, it is a drug. just like any other out there...we have to be careful.

As a side note, i am assiting in the Class of 94 St. Gabes reunion special...stay tuned for details!


Grace said...
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Grace said...

Allie really does have a problem. But not me. I am in total control. I am Kelly from 90210. I am Desmond from LOST. Those are people in control. And, it's not like I started that Phillies wave. I just go with the flow. I am not addicted to FB. I can stop at any time. Right after I send this little green patch to save the world from bubbling over....

Anonymous said...

If you can stop at any time, lets see, then.


Homevalley said...

Oh Grace, if you are saving the world through your green patch, you must continue!