Thursday, August 14, 2008

Survivor Woman

This week in things HomeValley has survived:
  • Turbulence on a flight to South Carolina. Likely the worst I have experienced in terms of longevity. My stomach ached from fear, so I put my head in my hands and breathed. Luckily, my seatmate, a kindly older man, took pity on me, assuring me that it was only rough air and that of course we'd be fine. He was a pilot, he said, and the plane was designed to withstand a lot more. Words I tell myself all the time whilst flying, but nice to hear from an expert nonetheless.
  • Career soul-searching. A good opportunity came up for a tiny bit more money, but I ultimately decided I am very happy where I am, and that J and I will stick to "the plan", thankyouverymuch. I made the right decision; just waiting for the fallout. I suppose I'll survive that too.
  • Running into J's "ex-girlfriend" (term used loosely) on our street on Friday night. I had just gotten out of the shower, pulled my hair back, and thrown on sweats. Completely au naturel, J's ex, "Shelly", casually mentioned that she had just moved in to that house, three doors down from ours. I am not sure who should feel more awkward, the newlyweds, or the ex that just moved next to the newlyweds? Regardless, after the initial meeting, I ran into Shelly three additional times. Only one of those times was I wearing workout clothes, sweating profusely from my bike ride. Oh, also, I was sporting those ginormous black sunglasses that blind senior citizens wear (what? they protect my baby blues!). So, obviously, point HomeValley.

Must start my day of meetings. Also, I hate the Today Show.


Anonymous said...

First visit to qitnm in a long time, congrats on the wedding!


Brighton said...

-I would think it would be more of an awkward situation for the ex.
-It's more important to like who you work with ; )

the_real_jc said...

"J's "ex-girlfriend" (term used loosely)" - i love it.

The ex is just dumb.

Anonymous said...

to the ex: "see the ring!" -Allie

Homevalley said...

Thanks, PS! We are due for martinis soon.

Oh, friends, it is never dull at the Ft. Lauderdale home. For reals.