Friday, April 04, 2008

At Wit's End

"Better to just say yes than to piss anyone off."
-J, future loving husband

Remember the days when we were planning a small wedding? Remember after that, when it all spiraled out of control?

I just hope the resort can accommodate 894997 people at our reception.

This morning I am dangerously close to emailing Miss Manners. I know it is destination. Dudes, I know. But then I think, why did I bother sending out invitations? As everyone just invites whomever they want to come along?


Paybacks are a bitch, mah people. From now on, you'll get me, J, Grace or possibly the Real JC if you dare invite me to a wedding. What, it isn't okay if Grace comes? Pardon? If you wanted the Real JC there, you would have invited him? Oh! Well, too bad.

Possibly you will have more balls than me, and can tell me NO in no uncertain terms. Maybe you will ascribe to the J philosophy.

In any event: RIP, Decorum. RIP.


Grace said...
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Grace said...

Does anyone out there know Jackie Bodine?

Anonymous said...

There's always Vegas! Im in! -Allie

Homevalley said...

Jackie Bodine? Anyone?

I think I should write a post about that one. I'll send to you for editing.

Al - I am in. I have always said - since I saw Kelly and Zack's Vegas wedding - I want that. Complete with the wacky hijinks, what with that curly-haired girl's mafia boyfriend and that hippie dude that Lisa hates until she finds out his dad owns the hotel and then she is all in love. She's so shallow! And then Zack and Screech becoming male escorts under Gilbert Gottfreid's tutelage. And then Jessie running up at the very end - like where have you been all this time, Ms. Spano?! And why are you so disruptive and rude?

So yeah. In.

Anonymous said...

Im in too. i will wear a sequence dress, J can don a jumpsuit. One thing though, i am bring Jackie Bodine as my date! is that OK? ha ha ha!!! -Allie