Thursday, March 27, 2008



J is sick. And not your normal, run-of-the-mill sick. Fever, cough, aches, pains, sore throat, phlegm, etc... It's obviously the plague. He's been out of work since Tuesday; luckily I have been working from home this week and have been able to act as nurse. Though I fear he is not getting much better; at least he has not gotten any worse. He barely wants to eat; and I have offered to watch Ravenous - a strange movie that he lurves - about a zillion times, and he just shakes his head sadly and stares at me with those lovely, glassy eyes. Sometimes he moans a little. The poor, poor dear.

This morning I ushered him to our doctor's office, fearing pneumomia. Alas, it is but an ordinary plague that will last at least another four days. I asked Doc if I was in the clear, to which she replied merrily: "No, you'll get sick later."

So. Awesome.

I am warding off the bug by reveling in my stupidity; also known as "studying" for the GMATs. I use the term "studying" loosely, as I have been reading the book and totally acing the "how-to" problems. Then I attempt to take a practice test, and my brain melts and I bang my head against the table and curse stupid geometry and Ms. Marano because I didn't understand in the tenth grade and I still don't fucking get it. I jot down all of the formulas I can remember and then I cry softly at the dining room table, and shout at my sick friend, "What is the formula for area of a rectangle?!?" And duh. If you don't know the area of a rectangle, you have no business going to graduate school.


Also - ladies? No advice on my wedding gown? Is this your way of telling me I am fucked? Or are you just tired of my infrequent posting and trying to make a statement?

I love you all. May you never see the horrors of this plague.


Anonymous said...

"Oh, you are screwed! SCREWED! just forget it!"
- Diane, Davids Bridal

Homevalley said...

HAHA! I totally forgot I had previously been told I was screwed. Ah well. We'll all be just gorgeous and fabulous on the beach in whatever the hell we are all wearing. At least Sisqo will be there.

Anonymous said...

You will be fine for the dress, and if not, I will still be wearing a long white dress, so people probably won't notice if you aren't.

Anonymous said...

Two months before is plenty of time. You will be just fine. It took forever for my dress to come in too and I had no issues at all.

the_real_jc said...

thong song?

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Homevalley said...

Thank you, ladies!

And yes, JC. Totally.

Grace said...

Allie really does have a problem. But not me. I am in total control. I am Kelly from 90210. I am Desmond from LOST. Those are people in control. And, it's not like I started that Phillies wave. I just go with the flow. I am not addicted to FB. I can stop at any time. Right after I send this little green patch to save the world from bubbling over....