Monday, November 05, 2007

So... Miracle Whip?

Not mayo. As it turns out.

And I was so excited to cook a meal for Grace; one that I knew how to cook.

Why, Acme, would you place Miracle Whip right next to the mayo, so as to confuse me???

Drunk now, but so?

I know that mayo should have no vinegar; that Far-Mor Stina's Curry Chicken recipe calls for MAYO! NOT MiracleWhip! What are you, Miracle Whip? You have vinegar and smell so suspicious. You are not a friend. You FOE!!

Was on phone with Koos when I discovered my grave misstep. "J!" I called, as Koos burped her adorable new baby, Four (for blog purposes) on her lap (Child is adorable and amazing. Can't explain. He is just better than your average kid.)

(God. Pinot Grigio!)

"J - I messed up? Where is pizza menu? J? How do I call Santucci Brothers?"

J: Um, how do you call Santucci Brothers? (Shakes head slowly; wonders why he proposed exactly?)

HV: I mean, like, do we have a menu?


Seriously? Probably should have eaten dinner. Would not be so drunk if could bring self to eat vinegar chicken a la curry and cream of chicken soup.



Must wATCH Mionday night foooball....

Seriously? Miracle Whip??? Why?

Luckily, salvaged delicious Thai dessert of fried bananas, toasted coconut, and coconut cream sauce. Am glorious cook. Betches.


(Shall erase this in AM.)


Grace said...

I thought dinner was terrific. But dessert slightly trumped your miracle whip creation.

Remember that one time in high school when I made a birthday cake for A (I think) and used olive oil thinking it was the same as vegetable oil? Everybody makes mistakes.

My name is Nathaniel. I like to dance.

Homevalley said...

BWAH HA HA! Nathaniel!

You are so kind, Grace. It was a rough lesson to learn... I notice you did not take leftovers? And when I asked J if he wanted me to put the bizarre concoction in the fridge, he paused, and said decidely: "NO."

Marriage?!?! NOOOOOOOOO!

the_real_jc said...

Mmmmm.... Santucci Brothers....