Monday, April 09, 2007

The Drunk Girl

Wonderful weekend of wondrous news!

Cuzzy is engaged!

Koos is pregnant!

HomeValley was drrruunnnkkk!

You see, it was an incredibly momentous weekend.

A Martin Sexton show at the TLA on Thursday night plus one martini, two cosmos, and two beers equals The Drunk Girl. She giggles! She dances erratically! She "WOOs!" a lot at the concert and also shouts out inappropriately, like when everyone else is somewhat silent.

An evening out with Cuzzy and now-husband-to-be Dave on Friday night, plus one glass of wine, two beers, and two cosmos equals The Drunk Girl. She screams when Dave confides he will propose this weekend! She giggles! She talks loudly! She insists that her fiance does not realize the true depth of her love for him, so she protests by laying outside on the sidewalk.

"Babe, come in, please."

"I won't! Not until you realize how much I really lurrrvvee you!"

"I know you really love me. Now come inside."

"You don't know it! I shall protest here until morning." Uncontrollable giggling, as I find my protest positively hilarious.

After one minute outside, the cold gets to me and I resolve to move this sit-in inside.

"Oh hey," says J, emerging from the kitchen with a bowl of granola cereal.

I sprawl out on the living room floor.

After J finishes his snack, he lays down next to me.

He's sweet like that.

P.S. Mom of HomeValley is after me for an engagement picture. She cannot get my engagement announcement to the DelcoTimes fast enough, as she likely thought I would never take a husband.

P.P.S. No, really, she told me as much at Koos's wedding in January of 2005, when I was a newly single 24 year old living in Queens. "Oh Melis," she began, teary-eyed, "Did you cry at the first dance? I did! Oh my gosh, I am going to cry so hard when you get married!" Then her tone changed to one of absolute seriousness. "That is - if you ever GET married." She immediately flitted away, leaving also-single Grace and HomeValley slightly amused and bewildered in her wake.

P.P.S. This is my favorite picture of us. It was taken at a bar in Fira, Santorini, last June. Internet, the engagement picture:

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