Friday, November 17, 2006


Things I am sick of this week:

  1. Chase credit cards.
  2. My post office.
  3. Finance charges.
  4. Noise.
  5. Drilling.
  6. My “lovely” cube in Chelsea.
  7. Ceilings leaking toilet water.
  8. Relocating cubicles.
  9. Drilling.
  10. Sitting next to the office fax machine.
  11. People who don’t know how to fax.
  12. People who ask me to help them fax.
  13. Death.
  14. People with hacking coughs on the N train.
  15. Blog spam.
  16. Conference calls.
  17. Global warming.
  18. Chipotle.

Things that made this week slightly more bearable:

  1. J.
  2. Borat, and the Real JC.
  3. Buttery movie popcorn.
  4. A talk with my fabulous Far-Mor Stina.
  5. When Far-Mor said, during chat, “You and me: we will always be friends!”
  6. Imminent trip to Colorado.
  7. Daydreams of serene silence I will experience on Cheyenne Mountain.
  8. The closet door installed in the office.
  9. Cleaning out my hope chest.
  10. Rediscovering a copy of Bridget Jones on VHS in my hope chest.
  11. Acela hot dogs.
  12. Vladimir Nabokov.
  13. Aidan Shaw.
  14. The Philadelphia Eagles.
  15. The paper Gingerbread Man sent to me by sister Meghan. My mission is to show that Man around the city, then write a journal entry! And I’ll be damned if I don’t get that thing to the top of the Empire State Building!
  16. J.
  17. Chipotle. (How I love and hate you, simultaneously!)

It has been a trying few days for HomeValley, but things are improving. On Tuesday evening, J and I will be Denver-bound on a Frontier Airlines flight (yeah, I have never heard of that airline either) from Philadelphia. I have ambitious plans to post each day of our trip to detail our journey; but I may just climb a mountain, where I will sit for six straight days, contemplating life and enjoying the blissful, ubiquitous quiet, until a mountain lion inevitably attacks and devours me.

Just that kinda week, y’all.

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