Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"We're Gonna Have To Bring Him Too."

Time to nerd out, Losties!

Tis the night we have been waiting nine long months for, and I, for one, AM THRILLED. Beyond thrilled. Really beyond spectacularly overstimulated and excited. Bring it, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff!

Tonight is our annual (and final) Lost Party at the crib. Grace has decided that there is no way she can top last year's contribution, so she is just bringing some hummus. Dudes, she's probably right:

We've had so much going on (Ninj, 30, did I mention Turks and Caicos on Saturday?) that I am a little late in putting this shindig together. Today's "To-Do" List:
  1. Download DriveShaft's greatest hits.
  2. Sharpen black eyeliner pencil for J, as methinks tonight mah friend is going as the gorgeous Richard Alpert.
  3. Outfit Ninja belly in proper Season 1 Claire attire.
  4. Find a sassy black friend to play Rose. (Preferably with a big butt, and even bigger heart.)
  5. Design elaborate contraption to concoct the smoke monster. (Perhaps just burn the toasting pita?)
  6. Borrow a polar bear.
  7. Hide the numbers all over the living room, pretend to have no knowledge when I discover them. ("That's weird, J, why am I getting a call from 4 8 15 16 23 42?")
  8. Recreate hatch door under living room carpet. (What the...?)
  9. Buy bear treats for h'ors doeuvres.
  10. Crap! Do you think they can rush deliver an OFFICIAL Dharma jumpsuit?

Time to get cracking!


Grace said...

Um, not "just some hummus."

More like "just some of the most ridiculously awesome hoe-made roasted red pepper and a bulb (that's right) of roasted garlic hummus, served with 'death by flour' pita chips and fresh cucumber."

Up top!

Allie said...

that sure was some hummus...bravo!

Sarah Kurpel said...

I LOVE themed cakes. Sorry I haven't been watching.

Homevalley said...

Sarah - the most amazing part of the theme cake is that Grace didn't think the Acme baker watched the show... So basically she showed up with a photo of a dead man in a casket. Yum!